Hello, My Name is Holly

This is my story...

Slowly over the last 2 years, I felt like I had lost myself.  My joy was fading, the anxiety that manifested as anger was taking over my life.  The fatigue was unbearable, the weight gain from no where, and the bloating that made me look like I was 6 months pregnant.  At times I could only sleep for 2 hours at night. The acne on my face was still staring me back in the mirror, reminding me everyday that something just wasn't right in my body.

The worst of it all was the brain fog and lack of focus...

that made functioning at work and at home nearly impossible at times. Everyday I left work, my brain ached like I had never experienced before.  I knew something had to give.  I couldn't continue living like this.  

"Without your health, you are missing out on so much.  Just imagine where you could be..." 

- H.H. 

I see this same situation all the time in my patients at work and in many friends and family.  Their health is slipping away and all they can do is add more medicine to help manage their symptoms.  Does it work sometimes, sure, but I refused to take that route.  

I knew there was a way to heal my body, and I was determined to find it.

Fast forward to the present and I am feeling more and more like myself everyday, continually finding my trail to healing, fully and completely.  My mission is to help you find your path to healing using a cutting edge functional medicine approach that is specific to you and only you.  


get to the level you want to be 

until you start investing in

 your MIND & your BODY."

- M.B.

About us


I am a certified Nurse Practitioner from Purdue University, trained in functional medicine via IFM and private mentorship, and have worked in private practice in Dermatology for the past 9 years.  


I'm a farmer's wife and homeschooling momma to my two littles, Austin & Haylee.  We keep pretty busy on our small family farm in the quiet Indiana countryside.  I love Jesus, country music, quiet walks outside, keeping my home organized (at least I try), and bettering myself whenever and wherever possible.