Private Consulting

How it is different

  • Receive a highly specialized​ and individualized approach to find the underlying cause of disease or nagging symptoms in order to assist the body to heal itself.  

  • Work with me 1:1, virtually, from where ever you are

    • ultimate convenience

    • no driving all around to appointments

Why test​

  • Discover the specific imbalances in your body because we are all unique

    • stop guessing where the problems are​

  • Gain insight to your specific needs 

    • stop supplementing based on symptoms​

How to heal

  • Highly individualized plan to reverse the root cause of your symptoms or disease

    • no one-size-fits-all protocols

  • Continued close contact with me for lasting results

  • Evaluate and tweak your environment to keep you healthy long term by removing toxins and stressors from your home